​Individual sessions enable the identification of your individual needs as a dancer and help you to nurture those needs. ​​
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There's a fundamental difference between a dancer who is solely technically proficient and a dancer who connects with those around them whilst dancing. When this happens, it's something special in its purity and rarity.  

Dance enables mental and physical stimulation within ourselves and with others without the interference of words to create false meaning.  It's an intuitive and remarkable way to express and communicate.

This can get lost under the strain of expectation and pressure. This often results in the development of inhibitions, over training, loss of confidence and motivation. 

Through individual sessions and/or various workshops led by diverse dancers,  I'm here to  help you to improve your personal style as well as your technique, express yourself more easily, and find more effective ways to channel your creativity. 


"Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body."  

                                         ​Martha Graham

​DanceGround provides high quality, and friendly dance workshops for improvement in dance and to provide inspiration.
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