I initially set up the website 'DanceGround' in 2008 to provide inspiration by increasing access to and awareness of innovative dance. Through what is now the DanceGround 'blog' and via social media pages I promote specific events and performances, post auditions, training information, media and reviews. I also help independent dance companies and dancers to run and promote their own dance classes and ventures. 

My background is in education, counselling, anatomy, sport and performance psychology.  My interest, practise and promotion of dance combined with my studies and facilitation of dance workshops has come together to form DanceGround as it is today.

I carefully select dance companies and dancers to lead DanceGround workshops. I am attracted to dance companies and dancers who offer something unique in terms of creativity and have intuitive abilities whilst teaching. I also carry out individual one on one sessions with dancers. Dancers who I've worked with one on one have grown tremendously in confidence which has improved their style and technique. They have been able to express themselves through dance with more ease and satisfaction. Creative ability has become more apparent and inhibition decreased.  

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss the possible arrangement of a dance workshop or individual session.

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