Individual Sessions

I work one on one with individual dancers on all levels to identify areas of strength and those that the dancer might like to improve on.

Through this process, I especially enjoy seeing dancers home in on their own personal creativity, expression and confidence.  

The individual sessions that I run are not private dance classes. They are a quiet space for you to focus on yourself. I am there to give feedback through observation and discussion.

This normally shapes into an exchange of creative ideas or areas that you feel you'd like to improve on in dance. There is usually a natural development of suggestions on both sides of how this can be done. 

What happens during these sessions, how many and how long they last for  vary according to individual needs and requirements, and if suitable can be carried out as a pair or with small groups of dancers. 


Please contact me if you would like any more information about my services.


"Everything was brilliant about this workshop. The people running it were really friendly and supportive, it was energetic and fun from the very start, we got to learn some new choreography and we were able to develop our own styles of dance... Overall it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for more to come along!"
 Will Maylunn, Dance Student 

"I had a brilliant time at this, was a good experience to have tried something totally different."  
Nicky Edwards, Dance Teacher

"I gained a bit more confidence in meeting new people and talking to one another and not being afraid to ask anything. I would love to use parts of this dance for my BTEC Dance Course that I am currently taking and it should help me get a high level." 
Chloe Morgan, Dance Student

"A great time was had by all and the children were left with great memories, increased confidence and a desire to dance." 
Janice Mardell, Head Teacher

Dance Workshops

I facilitate workshops with qualified and experienced professional dance companies and individual dancers that I have personally selected who whilst teaching dance care to build confidence in those attending and place importance on enjoyment as much as learning.   

What our dance workshops provide...

For workshop participants:

-Improvement of mental and physical well-being.
-Increased chance of discovering one's own best skills.
-Development of artistic knowledge, skill, and communication.
-Provision of career education and opportunities.
-Springboard for creativity and social skills. 

For educational establishment or youth group:

-Attention is drawn to your organisation's support and commitment to cultural and arts education.  
-Dance can be used as a vehicle for teaching curriculum subjects.
-Provision of dance education where teachers or group leaders may be lacking expertise or confidence. 
-Highlighting your organisation's concern for the physical, mental and emotional well-being of young people.